Lobster Tail Bulk Pack

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The perfect alternative to live lobster. Fresh-caught taste, simple to thaw, prepare and serve in minutes. High protein lobster meat slides entirely and effortlessly from the shell.

Each Bulk Pack is either 5lbs or 10lbs. The 5lb box contains between 15-20 tails and the 10 lb packs contain either 35 4/5oz tails or 30 5/6oz tails.  These are perfect to keep on hand and use as needed—thawing a few at a time, and using when you need!

For additional recipes and preparation information, please refer to our *Tasty Tips* page.

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• Wild-caught and sustainably harvested
• Family & company-owned: from the dock to delivery
• Fresh- caught sweet taste and texture of live lobster
• State of the art HPP processing facility
• All natural and chemical free
• IQF nitrogen frozen: thaw individually and cook one at a time
• HPP helps ensure extended inventory and shelf life and prevent against food borne pathogens

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 11 in
Select Bulk Pack

5 lb box Lobster Tails (approx. 15-20 tails), 10 lb case 4-5 oz. Lobster Tails (approx. 35 tails), 10 lb case 5-6oz lobster tails (approx. 30 tails)

Number of Bulk Packs

1, 2, 3

“As the founder of Greenhead Lobster, I am here to assure you that we will deliver you only the highest quality lobster products directly from Stonington, Maine.” – Hugh Reynolds, Owner


  1. ljones855

    I bought the 5-6 oz. Party Pack and I was NOT disappointed. I didn’t cook them all at once, but kept some in the freezer in packs. When I have company I can pull out enough to feed us. When it’s just me I can steam one or two with a baked potatoe or salad and walla in no time sweet succulent lobster tail dinner.

    The customer service is awesome and you receive your order packed very carefully and neatly in dry ice the next day. Greenhead Lobster is the way to go!!!!!

  2. ljones855

    I order two of the 2 lb. bags of scallops. I kept one and gave one to my brother with some Greenhead Lobster tails for him and his wife and they raved how awesome the lobster tails and scallops were.

    I will continue to order from Greenhead Lobster.

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